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About Us

  • TRUST building between foreign migrant community and the Japanese society as a whole is the overarching goal in forming the Tokyo Blockchain Academy or ToBA. ToBA's thrust activities is centered on developing talents and skills in blockchain technology use cases on digital sovereign identity data assets management, digital assets registration in decentralized ledger technology or DLT, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital assets creation and more. All use cases development are leading to building Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) social business startup as the final outcome.

  • Developing talents to drive blockchain technology is the foundation of a BaaS social business in Japan. To fill-in the gap, a computer coding training is provided for FREE by ToBA to the over a thousand certificate and diploma holders of Seels Teachers Academy, a sister academy of ToBA both under the banner of SEELS Co., Ltd.

  • Teaching computer coding and English at the same time to Japanese young learners as well as to adults who are seeking retooling for a new job will be the rewarded skills upgrading for Seels teachers. To challenge Japanese learners further skills development in coding, a provision to develop their promising school project into a digital asset. The student studies project turned tokenized NFT digital asset will in return serve to develop passive income out of gained skills in coding studies under ToBA.

  • Having said that, the Tokyo Blockchain Academy welcomes all students, educators and advocates, blockchain developers and all interested parties in a blockchain technologies journey in Japan and to the rest of all people all over the globe.

Work-Based Learning System and the Tokyo Blockchain Academy
  • The Tokyo Blockchain Academy (ToBA) under SEELS Co., Ltd. is a private innovative technology and social business school using the Work-Based Learning (WBL) system. WBL gives students exposure to the world of work through a set of sequenced and coordinated activities. It addresses the shared goal of educators and employers in preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for productive careers.

  • When executed correctly, work-based learning enables students to achieve educational outcomes that align with employer requirements-bridging the gap between school and work. Students have the opportunity for applied career exploration which brings job-relevance to the educational process. Through exposure and financial support, they gain access to new, attainable career opportunities.*

* GPS Education Partners website available at: https://gpsed.org/what-is-wbl/
Academic Standing and Practices
  • ToBA is the practical application of two combined masters course thesis on Global Master's in Blockchain Technologies and Global Digital Business MBA under Ziggurat Innovation and Technology Business School based in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to the academic content mostly from European Union sources is the over a decade of practical experiences in running social business education of SEELS Co., Ltd. in Japan and recently in Vietnam. ToBA is the regional partner in Asia of Global Blockchain Initiative or GBI, a Germany based non-profit organization.

Management Team

Chief Visionary Officer & President
Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Operation Officer
  • 2011 - Akira Foundation, Startup fund

  • 2012 - World in Asia/World in Tohoku (Investee)

  • Michinoku Kigyo (Cabinet Office In-Charge with Tohoku Reconstruction)

  • 2013 - Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Social Business Development)

  • 2019 - Top 50 Organizations in Education
    - Global Forum in Education and Learning (GFEL)
    Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai, UAE December 19, 2019

  • 2021 - Top 100 Visionaries in Education
    - Global Forum in Education and Learning (GFEL)
    MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA June 23, 2021

SEELS Co., Ltd. Profile
  • Business Registration: Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau

  • Date of Business Registration: May 18, 2011

  • Company Registration Number:0111-01-059947

  • Paid Capital:8,050,000 Yen

  • Representative Director: Santoyo Cesar Victolero

  • Board Members: Solo Director

  • Registered Business Address: 169-0051 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Nishlwaseda 2-3-18, Japan Christian Center

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