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Coding & Programming Courses

Let us share, collaborate and learn with each other. We welcome students to a Work-Based Learning system where all coding and programming to be studied and learned have a direct job application. Either be it for personal projects, school and classroom teaching and learning tools, needs of small and medium business as well as for large firm applications. Join us to code and to program our future in the digital world. Join our community of digital learners where no one will be left out.

Teacher and Student Sandbox (TSS)

It is recommended for beginners to start in a Teacher and Student Sandbox packed with Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG coding programming language. Through SVG coding and programming learners will have the utmost enjoyment in learning SVG codes that are so similar in making computer games. With teacher's mentoring guidance, it is anticipated that the learners gained skills and talents can produce original digital arts potential enough to be converted as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital assets. TSS is a free training program for all Seels Teachers Academy members who are members of ToBA Coding and English Club.

ToBA Enterprise Sandbox (ES)

For those interested in making NFT digital assets and tokenization of assets in decentralized ledger technology, the Enterprise Sandbox is recommended. ES coding and programming starts with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL suitable for becoming a web developer. In Japan, the Enterprise Sandbox for Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) includes special coding and programming on animated learning teaching resource development. Enterprise Sandbox is the main training tool in the six-month training on ToBA Computer Coding and Programming with basics on blockchain coding and programming softwares.

Developer Sandbox (DS)

Graduates of Enterprise Sandbox are welcome to learn more advanced coding languages including Python, C++, JavaScript, Solidity, Rust, Assembly Script, GoLang, and others related to blockchain programming and development. Student project making ranges from NFT tokenization, implementation of ERC20 token contract and digital wallet integration just to name two from a long list of projects.

Almost all blockchain use cases will be built in NEAR.org protocols for a multi-paradigm programming language focused on safety and was developed specially for safe cryptocurrency. Further, NEAR.org protocols were designed to provide better memory safety while maintaining high performance.

DS is available for enrolled students of Blockchain Technology Diploma with exemptions from graduates of Enterprise Sandbox who care to advance in coding and programming.

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