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What Every Parents and Teachers Should Know

Online games are exciting because moving graphics stimulate senses with "entertaining" challenges to deal with. Entertaining children's multisensorial minds has no learning value and does not have any meaningful purpose.

For the multisensorial learners, acquiring knowledge and skills in computer language called coding that move graphical works given in English language instruction have similar adrenalin levels of children's fun. Not for entertainment but to help build an education foundation in early years in life.

Seels Coding and English Teachers Role

Teaching and learning Coding and English Together is for the discovery and creation of children's own multi-sensorial education content in math, sciences, digital culture and acquisition of English as a foreign language. Introducing the Seels Coding and English Club where its new genre of well trained Coding and English teachers are prepared to help children's multisensorial needs in computer coding, programming and English foundation of six to seventeen years old.

The Teaching and Learning Ecosystem

To find out more about Coding and English teaching and learning for you and your child, follow our teachers' coding sample files that are rich in teaching and learning English vocabulary contents. Check our Club's Sandbox information below where teaching and learning Coding and English is more fun and easy. Also surf through our Coding and English Teachers Direcotry to find profiles of suited tutor for an dovetailed Coding and English learning online class demonstration.

The simplest way to teach Computer Coding and English together using the Tokyo Blockchain Academy (ToBA) sandbox.
  • Computer coding programming as well as English language are both mandatory subjects for elementary grade five and six. To help children, parents and teachers, the Tokyo Blockchain Academy or ToBA designed a software tool with teachers training that will help teaching and learning pure coding and English together in fun and easy ways.

Introducing ToBA Sandbox that bring the following teaching and learning support:
  • Teaches digital native young learners to develop computer coding starting from basics up to making their own digital story book and computer games as the advanced skill outcomes.

  • Fun and easy steps and sequences for young learners to follow teachers in learning and creating their own digital arts.

  • Each ToBA Sandbox use is supported in-person or online by a certified coding and English teacher from SEELS Teachers Academy.

  • ToBA Sandbox includes a one year teaching curriculum that covers 40 lessons for once a week, one and a half sessions per day starting from basic to advanced coding and English language learning.

  • ToBA Sandbox Version 1 covers Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG coding with the aim of teaching young learners the basics of computer coding and English learning for making digital stories and computer games as expected outcomes.

  • ToBA Version 2 is for teaching web page development with HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, MySQL and other related codes.

  • Advanced coding and programming for blockchain developers and Web 3 development are available at Tokyo Blockchain Academy.

As an initiative of SEELS Co. to level up and retool its students and graduates with computer coding skills, a free online training course is provided starting June 1, 2021 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 PM. Sending a copy of any of SEELS Teachers Academy certificate or licensed card is required to register in the free online training.

Be an in demand Education Technology or EdTech licensed teacher of SEELS Teachers Academy. Sign up for your free online schedule training.

ToBA Sandbox Questions (FAQ)

ToBA Sandbox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. To supplement and support the foundational development of computer coding and programming together with English language learning for young Japanese learners.
2. To retool Seels Teacher Academy, a sister academy of ToBA, students and graduates as licensed Education Technology licensed teacher.
3. To support Japanese parents in easing up their burdens in providing supplementary lessons and activities for their children in computer coding and programming.
4. To support Japanese government initiative in its Digital Transformation or DX drive and the realization of the country's Society 5.0 where technologies create the world a better place.

1. Young generation of today are digital natives who learn everyday in their social media and YouTube viewing that the adult brain should be happy to consider. Digital native have wealth of knowledge but lack skills in relating their digital knowledge into a new kind of learning practices.
2. Having said that, the role of the teacher is to facilitate young learners interest by using the ToBA Sandbox as the student bridge and ladder of interest in learning coding and English.
3. ToBA Sandbox was designed for teachers with available 40 prepared coding and English lessons to cover a year of studies based on once a week, one and a half lessons.
4. Assessment and evaluation support on student learning is provided through supervision and monitoring of Supervisor teachers.

1. Pure coding means teaching young learners to read and write computer codes from scratch in making objects for animation to advance storytelling and computer game projects as expected outcomes after completing 40 lessons.
2. 40 lessons in one year of pure coding comes first before introducing the level up course on programming using hardwares i.e Arduino and others.
3. It is a step-by-step introduction to teachers on the 40 lesson plans online classroom, or in-person if desired.
4. 10:00 am to 10:00 pm technical support for teachers and parents (English at the moment and Japanese later after having trained Japanese staff.

1. Simply all the computer codes in the first column are ready to be copied and pasted in the second column for code alteration. With the "Run" click button on top of the second column will show the results in the third column that surely makes children intuition into full concentration and focus to learn more.
2. ToBA Sandbox have trained licensed teachers from Seels Teachers Academy to guide, supervise and assess students own practices.
3. Teachers and parents can access technical support from ToBA technical team.
4. Continuous training and skills upgrading to all ToBA Sandbox teachers that makes difficult tasks easier to teach.

1. Win-win to all stakeholders is the social business principle of SEELS Co., Ltd. who supervises Tokyo Blockchain Academy and Seels Teachers Academy. SEELS Kabushikigaisha ensures that its teachers are professionally paid, parents and students spend a reasonable amount of tuition fee and the social business has just enough earnings to operate and to support school related development projects.
2. ToBA Sandbox operations is funded through a monthly subscription worth 4000 Yen for teachers who will teach Japanese young learners computed based on prescribed chargeable professional fee of a teaching Club member. Otherwise, unlimited training is provided free for all Seels Coding and English Club members. Monthly subscription to the sandbox is optional.

1. The cheapest coding and programming available in the Tokyo market is 18,500 yen plus tax. As a social enterprise who wish to reach families in lower bracket income, 16,000 yen or 4000 yen (tax excluded) per one and a half lesson is the prescribed professional fee of a certified Seels Coding and English Club member.
2. The 4000 yen plus tax monthly subscription to ToBA Sandbox is covered by having only one student for one and a half lesson student payment.
3. Ideally a Club member teacher can have up to 20 students for a month or over 300,000 yen monthly earning.
4. But do consider that to start a new teaching method will take time to gather numbers of students.

1. Attending endless free training for continuous professional skills upgrading on teaching computer coding, programming and English communication.
2. Teaching Club members have to ensure updated subscription payment including optional subscription of their students.
3. Teaching Club members receive accumulated points based on the number of enrolled students provided as a yearly gift or bonus from SEELS Co., Ltd. convertible to tuition fee payment, travel expenses for SEELS study tours, buying goods or emergency cash.
4. Yearly Award for outstanding teacher and member of Seels Coding and English Club.

1. YES. In fact it is an obligation for all Seels Coding and English Club members to practice the culture of learning most specially reading the Club's Blog content as the minimum required activities for each Club member.

1. Yes. Seels Teachers Academy has an extension training program in the Philippines and Vietnam. Copy of Seels Teacher Academy certificate is required whenever the member lives around the world.

1. Free membership is open to all holders of any of Seels Teachers Academy training i.e. 2-day Introductory Course (IC), SEELS WBL TESOL and Diploma.

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