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One-month (24 hours) Blockchain Technologies Introductory Course (BT-IC) On SVG Digital Arts Coding and Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Enrollment requirements
  • Computer level: Beginners
  • Education level: High School Graduate
  • Study Hours Required: 24-Hour Course, One Month Completion
  • Schedules: Global LiveOnline Classes Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday
    (Japan 20:00-22:00 | India 16:30-18:30 | Vietnam 18:00-20:00 | Philippines 19:00-21:00)
    Face2Face Classroom (ToBA Tokyo Campus) Once a Week Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-16:00)
Future Job Availability
  • Waiting employment opportunities: To work as SVG Coding teachers in Seels DX International School Gakudo Program, neighborhood tutorials and in LiveOnline classes for Blockchain Technologies (BT) Junior Club and BT Teens Club is to mention just a few opportunities for the best graduates.
  • Freelance SVG Digital Artist
Course Brief Description
  • Goals: The program is to have well trained SVG Digital Arts coding teachers who could teach young learners especially the nine to twelve years old where their brain absorbs naturally and for better edge in computer skills upon joining high school up to their own professional job applications.
  • Career Development: The BT-IT is an eye opener in taking higher degree courses either for a one-year Digital Transformation (DX) Computer Coding and Programming Diploma and the two-year Blockchain Technologies Diploma offered by a private senmon gakko, the Tokyo Blockchain Academy (ToBA).

One-Year DX Computer Coding and Programming Diploma

Key to Having New Career and Job Opportunities in Digital Transformation (DX)
  • Advanced nations are in fierce competition in bringing up the best economic growth and benefits from digital transformation (DX). Another thing in common with all countries is the lack of the necessary DX education to empower the ordinary people.
  • To fill in the gap, ToBA crafted a one year Outcomes-Based Education Diploma Course on DX Computer Coding and Programming. A stepping stone towards having inclusive education to develop talents needed to drive the Blockchain Technology revolution.
  • The goal after the graduation is to directly connect the computer coding and programming talents with elementary school graders, neighborhood tutoring, hired by IT companies, and as a Teacher of ToBA Blockchain Technologies Junior Club and Teens Club global program.

Course Highlight

  • 1. Inspiration and technology materials sourced from Executive Education Program of Columbia Business School/Emeritus (Singapore) with Professor David L. Rogers' The Digital Transformation Playbook with Japanese Translation of Seiji Eihara and Vietnamese translation by Pham Anh Tuan dich as one of the textbook references.

  • 2. Selected materials from Global Masters on Digital Business of Zigurat Technology and Innovation Business School.

  • 3. Selected materials from Global Masters on Blockchain Technologies of Zigurat Institute of Technology/University of Barcelona.

  • 4. Non-profit technology experts support and receive advice from Germany based Global Blockchain Initiative (GBI) with its Japan Local Hub, the Tokyo Blockchain Academy.

  • 5. Coding and programming design, development and expertise support from Learn India Earn India, Bengaluru, India.

  • 6. Robbo Class for robotics programming from Robbo Company.

  • 7. Distance learning education software and hardware support from NamViet Co. of Vietnam.

  • 8. SEELS TESOL teaching resources backed with Seels Teachers Academy's over ten years of experience in teachers training and development having a thousand graduates mostly working in public and private schools.
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