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  • As a practicing and Montessori education inspired project proponent, we do not encourage competition, reward and punishment. Owning an NFT asset under this project, if there might be, belongs to the parents' care. Their children should not be encouraged to join a hackathon and create an NFT for monetary award. The best reward for a child is its enjoyment of continuous self-learning.
  • The inner urge of learning will guide children through discoveries of wealth of knowledge and the hype of NFT’s intention to earn need not to be introduced and have to be avoided. Children have to be motivated by enjoyable learning and discovery of creativity throughout the course duration. Teachers, parents and adults around should refrain from telling or encouraging children to join and create NFT to have financial gains.
  • In SVG coding, punching keyboard text and numbers creates geometric shapes that could be animated and played with colors and gradients. By inspiring young learners, an SVG digital arts produced could be created and minted as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) asset.

    All of the Junior Club members will be provided with the same SVG teaching and training using a standard curriculum. After members reach the same level of coding skills, a hackathon will be called for SVG digital arts coding to be attended by Junior Club members from four countries. An online canvas which is 1000 x 1000 pixels in size made from SVG coding will serve as the Hackathon’s center of activities. In the set themed SVG canvas, the one hundred Junior Club members will paint, animate and weave their creations on the given hackathon’s background theme creating a digital tapestry.

    For the first digital tapestry hackathon, outer space will be the theme background for club members to weave their SVG coded digital arts i.e. planets, rocket ship, astronaut, aliens and more (to the outer space background). The digital tapestry as a product made by the hundred children's efforts and creativities makes their digital tapestry rare, unique and worth to be minted as NFT digital art.
Teaching and Learning Objectives
1. To engage learners, 9-12 years old, in a non-conventional English teaching and learning style by using practical English communication with peers from other countries involved with coding project making.

2. To equip children with practical English vocabulary relevant to soft skills development in leadership, teamwork, respect, creativity, flexibility, problem solving, culture awareness, critical thinking and emotional intelligence (EQ).

3. To help strengthen foundations in Math, Physics, Digital Arts, and English four language skills.

4. To provide accessible and affordable inclusive education in English and Blockchain Technologies where after ten years the young learners of today are potentially the drivers of today's Digital Transformation (DX).
English Language Skills
Preschool Club (6-9 years old)Junior Club (9-12 years old)
BeginnerPractical UserAdvance User
Personal IntroductionName, Age, Birthday, Important Places, CountryHobbies, Favorites, Sports, etc.Professions, Jobs, Plans, Places to Visit
InterrogativesHow are you, What do you like,Are you...(emotions) Why are you...(Emotions) What do you want to... Do, Go, Where... to, in, on, atWhere, How, Why (can/could/should) I... You
Noun Shapes, colors, computer, keyboard, text, trackpad, Internet, Zoom, Email, Digital Arts, Math, Science, team, members, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Coding, tag (opening/closing) and moreHackathon, group chat, Zoom meeting, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)Digital Transformation (DX), Blockchain Technologies, Non-Fungible Token (NFT)
AdjectivesThin, thick, big, small, long, short, nice, good job, ordinals, numbers, bold, italic, and moreCarbon less, Comparatives and Superlatives (thick, thicker, thickest etc.)Exponential growth
PrepositionIn, on, at, up, down, behind, othersX Axis, Y Axis, Height, WidthWrite behind, write before/after, Vertical, Horizontal
VerbWrite, type, erase, increase, decrease, copy, paste, teamwork, coding, programming, appear, and moreGroup Chat, Zoom meeting, send, email, attach, change value, othersHackathon, execute,
Adverb Quick, slowly, soft, hard,
Coding, Math, Digital Arts in English
AttributesX Axis, Y Axis, Stroke, Fill, Opacity, Style, Duration, Width, Height, ID, Array
ValuesNumbers, Colors, Begin
TechnologyStorytellingTeamwork and Hackathon English Communication
Teamwork and Hackathon Digital Arts Project Making English Communication

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