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Diploma Course Syllabus

Outcomes-Based Education Diploma on Computer Coding and Programming for Teachers of Digital Transformation (DX)
Lecture Input Hands-On Coding and Programming Practice with Expert Support
Unit 1 Welcome orientation, introduction of teachers and students, About CCP Teacher Diploma Program and its employment, self-employment and business startup model, Code of Ethics and Cyber Security, TBA student guidance and rules and policies. Basics of computer hardware, software, Internet Web 1 to Web 3 Applications
Unit 2 4th Industrial Revolution and Japan's Society 5.0 Qualities of young learners and Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Coding Sandbox
Unit 3 Customer behavior and Digital Transformation (DX)* SVG 1: Learning and Teaching Circle
Unit 4 Five Domain of Digital Transformation, Customers, Competition, Data, Innovation, Value* SVG 2: Learning and Teaching Line and Text
Unit 5 Harness Customer Network* SVG 3: Learning and Teaching Rectangle and Animations
Unit 6 Build Platforms, Not Only Products* SVG 4: Learning and Teaching Ellipse, Gradient Animations
Unit 7 Turn Data Into Assets* SVG 5: Learning and Teaching Foreign Object, Path, MPath
Unit 8 Innovate by Rapid Experimentation* SVG 6: Learning and Teaching Polyline and Polygon and Animate Motion
Unit 9 Adopt Your Value Proposition* SVG Project Making
Unit 10 Disruptive Business Models*
* The Digital Transformation Playbook, David L. Rogers, Columbia Business School, Japanese Translation by Seiji Eihara
SVG Project Presentation and Improvised Teaching Methods with emphasis on helping children's foundation and preparation to Arithmetic, Geometry, Kinematics, Physics, and digital arts.
Unit 11
Assessment and Conclusion, DX Computer Coding and Programming (CCP) Teaching Hypothesis Development for Presentation
Unit 12 Trust Introduction to TBA Enterprise Sandbox and HTML Basics
Unit 13 Ethics Play and learn HTML codes and create first HTML basic website
Unit 14 DX Enabling Technologies (DXET) DXET 1 Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
Unit 15 Customer Experience (CX) and Omnichannel Marketing Simple website making using CSS
Unit 16 DXET 2 Internet of Thing (IoT) Project presentation and problems and solutions encountered in developing your own CSS based website.
Unit 17 DXET FinTech Integrating SVG project to CSS website
Unit 18 DXET Logistics and Supply Chain Introduction to JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Unit 19 DXET Human Resource Management Introduction to React and Angular
Unit 20 DXET Healthcare, Education and other Industries Lesson Plan Making on Web Development for Young Learners Using Enterprise Sandbox
Unit 21 DXET Cyber Security Lesson Plan Delivery
Unit 22
Guide on Thesis Making on DX-CCP Teaching and Presentation
Unit 23 Introduction to Web 3 Introduction to Robbo Class
Unit 24 Trust and Transparency Economy Using Scratch for Programming
Unit 25 Blockchain Technologies Minecraft Programming
Unit 26 Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies Arduino Programming Using Scratch
Unit 27 Crypto Mining Robbo Robotics
Unit 28 Smart Contract Introduction to 3-D Modeling and 3-D Printing Overview
Unit 29 Digital Assets and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Lesson Plan Making on Programming, Robotics, 3-D Modeling and 3-D Printing
Unit 30
Guide-check on Thesis Making on DX-CCP Teaching and Presentation
Unit 31 Blockchain Technology Use Cases (BTUC) Blockchain Technology Use Cases (BTUC) Joining Open Source Community (GitHub and others)
Unit 32 BTUC in Gaming Introduction to Python Part 1
Unit 33 BTUC in Logistics and Supply Chain Introduction to Python Part 2
Unit 34 BTUC in Consumer Products Advance JavaScript Coding
Unit 35 Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Introduction to Solidity
Unit 36 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Introduction to Smart Contract
Unit 37 Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Regulation and Japan's Sandbox Regime Lesson Plan Making on Teaching Essential Blockchain Coding to Young Learners
Unit 38
Thesis on DX-CCP Teaching Presentation
Unit 39
Thesis on DX-CCP Teaching Presentation
Unit 40
Thesis on DX-CCP Teaching Presentation

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