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Introductory Course with Certificate on Teaching English and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Digital Arts Computer Coding

One-month, 24 hours, Six-Hour Per Week Training


1. To provide basic knowledge and skills on Text and Number Digital Arts SVG Coding in the world of Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

2. To provide easy hands-on practical coding practice to jumpstart teaching English and Text and Number Coding Digital Arts for young learners.

3. To discover practical know-how of Non-Fungible Token or NFT digital arts focused on https://vigee.art/ for minting and marketplace.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Digital Transformation (DX) and the Society 5.0 (6 hours)
1.1 Digital Transformation (DX) Enabling Technologies

1.2 What is blockchain/NFT

1.3.1 Cryptography

1.3.2 Tokens

1.4 Digital Assets

TBA-SVG Sandbox registration and online classroom ethics and rules. Brief introduction to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
Coding 1 - Line and Square,
Coding 2 - Rectangle and
Module 2
The World of NFT (6 hours)
2.1 Non-Fungible Token

2.2 Tapestry of a Hundred Children

NFT Digital Arts

2.3 The Art Space
Mousing around the View Box of TBA's SVG Sandbox.

Introducing the X and Y Coordinates, playing along with Line, Animated Text and Colors.

Coding 3 - Circle, Colors

Coding 4 - Ellipse, Gradients

Module 3
Vigee Art Part 1 (6 hours)
3.1 NFT Challenges

3.2 Vigee Value Proposition

3.3 https://vigee.art/#

3.4 Platform Overview

3.5 Algorand Wallet
Coding 5 - Transform


Coding 6 - Polyline and

Polygon and Animate Motion
Module 4
Vigee Art Part 2 (6 hours)
4.1 ToBA/GBI-Vigee Art - Platform promoting Integrity of Artists – Solidarity - Community

4.2 A Marketplace model that is Simple – Easy to Navigate – Offers Security

4.3 Jumpstart Online Teaching on English and Text and Number Coding Digital Arts for Young Learners
Coding 7 Foreign Object, Path, MPath

Final Group Project Making
Awarding of Certificate

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